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Vegan Plant-Based Meat Free Doner Slices

SKU: VB3006

Why wait for the kebab shop to open? All the tasty joy of lamb doner kebab meat but made from plant-based ingredients. Add some shredded lettuce, tomatoes, and vegan garlic yoghurt sauce and stuff it into a pitta or wrap for a delicious lunchtime snack or serve with chips for a satisfying evening meal.

About VBites Gourmet Doner Kebab Slice

AAll VBites products are 100% vegan and focus on plant-based ingredients. We create gourmet foods based on different global cuisines and heritages but using modern and innovative production methods. This means we think progressively about how we make our food without changing how we love to eat.

At VBites we create foods that are healthier than animal-based foods. Our vegan and meat-free Doner Kebab slices contain high amounts of plant-based protein, a good amount of fibre, and less saturated fats than animal-based doner kebab.

They are also environmentally much more sustainable than animal-based doner kebab meat. We continue to innovate on our food system by developing better methods of production and foods that do better for humans, the planet, and all beings living on it.

Our Doner Kebab slice is made with healthy, Vegan, and environmentally friendly plant-based meat, which means we can continue to enjoy a great doner kebab in a guilt-free, modern, and progressive way.